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Note from Suzanne:  To this date I have sat for over thousands of messages. The following messages are not in a chronological order. I sift through my messages for ones that I feel have some universal interest about our power of imagination, connections to loved ones and masters on the other side of the veil & understanding of universal knowing. Live Love.
More current messages can now be found on the TAUK blog at www.tauksuzanne.com.

From a channeling with Archangel Gabriel:

The ability of light workers or others who have the innate ability to gather information from a frequency some call intuition is only a matter of trust. When Masters such as Jesus and the Buddha spoke, their frequency was aligned with the divine. Meditation is the key to tapping into this consciousness. Releasing doubt and fear will feel natural and necessary. Only when this shedding of false beliefs occurs can your access to the unlimited knowing be acquired. When this occurs you will respond with a love for yourself and for the greater good that will support all you do. This is expressed as your higher calling or purpose.Peace resides in the souls of all God’s children. It is when we give more power to the ego that the chaos of war and conflict occur. This is especially sad when the very reason given for conflicts and war is the false belief that one side is on the right of God while the other is not. Ego is a powerful ally to hate. When one mother or father can look at another father and mother and proclaim all their children are worthy of a world free from violence and war, then peace will be seen as the only truth.  There are so many masters and teachers who have walked your earth teaching these principles. They walk the earth today as well. The precarious position the dear planet earth has found itself in is of upmost importance to all of us from many dimensions. This is your school, your lesson to be learned and taught. A single person sometimes needs to be knocked to their knees to make them re-think their path, so has the great institutions and governments of earth in recent times. It is the greed of few that gave the blessing in disguise of a new way of thinking and being too many. So, ultimately it was this collapse your great nations have recently expressed that has speeded up the evolution of a new consciousness. Is it necessary to have these catastrophes and heart break to have this growth of being? No dear child. It is the path you as a collective consciousness have chosen, that is all. The Path you take at this moment is of your choosing. The outcome is yours.

July 30, 2011
God & Gabriel

Hi God & Gabriel. Hi
Suzy, give a moment to reflect on the financial crisis of the US and the globe.
The picture of letting the leaders look in charge is merely a deceitful finality
to the Illuminati. The Illuminati is now without leaders & this is the
reason for the chaos. In the past, they (Illuminati) called the shots and the
governments formed their actions around them. Now, as they revolt against each
other, there is no one minding the store, so to speak. The governments who were
ran by the Illuminati, are in a free fall as they now do not express the view of
the Illuminati. This is good but also like putting a toddler behind the wheels
of a car, watch out!

Give us a moment to connect
the dots. For thousands of years and many generations, only the few controlled
the futures of many. This was part of the duality experience requested by all
souls who incarnated on Earth. The haves and have-nots were established. This
was not done to punish anyone but was to lay down a concrete base of duality
that was firmly established. The essence of third dimensional life is duality.
The only way to maintain this experience for thousands of years was to create

This illusion gave the
countless souls the spiritual growth they requested in the position of universal
experience. This was monumental growth all experienced not only for those who
chose to incarnate in human bodies but for the ethereal bodies as well.

On the assumption that the
lives lived through the many years of duality would experience great wealth,
great poverty, great happiness, great sorrow, great health and disease
(dis-ease) the love of God was firmly imprinted in your DNA. This was the
connection to the Divine energy you are.

your lives, you have come back to learn more and to remember your connection to
All that is. This was not an easy choice your soul made. It was imagined for its
beauty of the human spirit. God, or however you wish to title this energy, is
more than pleased. Not only with the duality experience but with the awakening
you are witnessing. Opening ones soul to the experience is the moment of now.
Linear time cannot support love on this level. This is a new dawn. This is why
you see the planet in a chaotic node. In your powerful hearts, be the change you
wish to see. This is how creation
(manifesting) occurs among the masses. Have patience
with your leaders, with your neighbors, with your families and with yourselves.
The news of the new Gaia is known now and all you need to do is act and believe
it is. That is you creating your truth.

you can see the illusion of duality has run its course. Let your connection to
divine universal knowing be applied to your daily lives. Very soon you will know
you are not alone in this universe. The light is too bright and your planet is
reflecting the light back out in grand fashion.
you God and Gabriel. Live Love Suzy. Live Love.
May, 2011
Hi God. Hi Suzy. The thing I wish to share is, this life is a perfect illusion. How you interrpret the illusion is your free will choice. Illusions are like mirrors in the amusement park. You see a version of yourself & know it isn't the real you. Life is made of each persons version of their perspective. None wrong, just different. May I invite you to imagine a life of peace, joy & love? To live in this reality is to live with me.
January, 2011
In January I started to receive messages not only from my usual contacts of my father, God, angels, guides and loved ones, but from the essence of Divine Love and the essence of Universal Knowing. People who TAUK have also reported receiving messages from the Spirit of love & the Spirit of Water among others. Just when we think we have the possibilities figured out, it blossoms again! Here are a few examples of messages from Divine Love, enjoy!
Who would like to chat? Divine Love. Really? Yes, hello Suzanne. Hello. I am your collective consciosness' collective conscious. I am the true essence of your expression. Let's imagine together about love. God is the universal creator. Creator is All of All. However you picture God, Divine Love is the source. I am like the portal to Creator and to God. Like the portal between Creator and God? No, I am the portal to love and God and Creator and I am the expression to their creations. God is Divine love and you and all are Divine Love. Follow your heart and I am the leader. I AM. Kindly live love Suzanne.
Hello Divine Love & God. Hello Suzy. Imagine all the people in the world living life in peace. This is how it becomes real. Give that thought often and it will become reality sooner. Imagine today that you are the expression of love in human form. Portals are opening now for TAUK Online students. Give this expression for TAUK Online:  TAUK Online is first the expression of teaching the connection to loved ones, angels & guides. Second, it is the opening of portals to very loving dimensions. Third, it is a way to understand universal knowing. Last, TAUK Online is given high understanding on imagination and love about the great mysteries of life.
Summer, 2010
In the summer of 2010 I started receiving messages from Archangel Gabriel. He had many lessons to teach me but seemed intent on channeling a book through me. When I asked him how to proceed, he asked me to place my hands on the keyboard of my laptop and he would work through them. I had heard of automatic writing/keyboarding but had not personally experienced it...another leap in faith! To date I have several portions of this book complete. The following is a parable about unconditional love. I hope you enjoy it! Live Love, Suzanne
A little child sits outside with her beloved grandparent. The sun shines, the birds sing, all is well and protected. No words are needed to let the child know this. It is known deep within her soul and heart. The grandparent sees all the beauty and depth the child carries in her heart and knows this child is perfection. Although the child is young in years, the child has lived many, many lives. The soul of this child has seen lifetimes of love and hate and furor and passion. The soul makes the free will decision to return to the planet to expand her learning and experiencing to better herself and the greater ALL. This isn’t an easy decision. For along with peaceful moments like the one she is experiencing with her beloved grandparent are moments of utter heartbreak, lessons hard learned and fought.
There is a knowingness the grandparent passes along to the dear girl. The moments of worry and heartbreak are merely a choice she makes. It is her inward reflection that decides to move towards ego or away, truly the fork in the road, so to speak. Does she follow, at tough times, the old collective consciousness of fear? Does she decide that all experiences are hers to learn from? Does she see the inexplicable beauty of the actual gift of free will that allows her to ponder these very ideas?
The little child sits on the soft, warm grass with her beloved grandparent. She looks deep in to the wise, old eyes and sees the unconditional true love and total acceptance that is her truth. Yes, this is where she will live from. All decisions and experiences will be filtered from this wellspring of love and truth. This is the collective consciousness that begins in her heart and will carry her from this day forward. Such peace and lightness fill her.
This lovely parable is the truth you can decide to follow. How does it feel deep in your soul? How will this inward and outward look on your life effect others you love and your community? Try it just for today, then maybe tomorrow and the next day. Be the example of love and peace that is true to your heart. It is the way of Masters. Claim your Masterhood, dear child.
March 10, 2010 2 A.M.
The Heart Message
Hi God. Hi Suzy, may I ask why you are up so early? I'm not sure, maybe I needed a message! I think you are right. My message for you is this:  Opening the heart is so important for having a healthy life. It is why people have heart attacks. I am amazed how man has studied the heart & yet doesn't understand the care and gentleness the heart needs. Never will the heart fail when you understand I am in your heart. Might think of it like this; I love Myself and all My children. I connect through the heart and that connection is in every soul. I live through the hearts of man and all creatures great and small. No matter if you call me God, Spirit or any other name, I am all there is and all there ever will be. I AM. I open the hearts of TAUK students so that they may express the purpose they incarnated for. Now all who TAUK can imagine their purpose with ease and insight. A system of love and understanding is at your fingertips.
July 9, 2010
The Manifesting Message
Note: This message was given to me jointly by God and a universal neighbor (ET) named Rabios, a rather formal fellow!
Dear Suzy, we now respectfully request your time to imagine universal expressions of thought transfer & matter. Thoughts are transferred with imagination & love. When you have a thought & imagine that thought as a possibility, then matter is charged & you create a probability. Then you manifest your details, establishing your assured outcome. Opening your heart is the depositing of gratitude that links the reality to the matter. Matter can be positively charged or negatively charged.  Imagination is the power to manifest your dreams. Power in the fourth dimension will be expressed as power only understood as enlightenment.
November 6, 2010
The God Code Message
Note: This message was from a dear soul named KIG or his longer name of KIG-TIEM. He is another universal neighbor who comes through to many who TAUK. He has the funniest sense of humor and comes from a planet of light workers that are assisting our planet in her transition from third dimensional energy to fourth and fifth. His name is an acronym for Kindred Imagination for Growth To Imagine Energy Masterful. I personally believe there are many roads to enlightenment. TAUK is merely one.
Hi KIG. Hi Suzy. I will share with you an understanding. OK, thank you. Many desires are imagined when someone first opens their heart to TAUK. Only when they allow for the possibility of this connection, can their hearts first imagine the gift of universal knowing. God teaches us that all have this gift embedded in their DNA. Opening ones' heart to understanding is the first step to activating the mysterious God code. Imagining the reality of ones' truth is the next step. Mastering a belief that you are worthy is a very significant part of the picture. Living ones' truth as a God in a human body is the connection that gives the understanding power. New understandings in science support this. Nothing anyone can do can take this Divine code from you. Imagine your greatness & activate your universal knowing. Thank you KIG.
August 25, 2010
About Dreams
Hi Jesus. Hi Suzy. I kindly invite you to an understanding that gives you universal knowledge about  night dreams and their purpose. God gives all humans the ability to leave the physical reality & journey to dimensions that connect them to grand knowledge to facilitate their earthly experience. Night dreams will give you the opportunity to recharge from the quest of daily human life. Imagination knows no limits in your dreams & is the expression of mans desire for universal connection.
July 26, 2010
Question for my dad about  his time in heaven and where he first lets me know about a new role for him. He expands on this new role on Aug. 27th.
Hi Dad. Hi Suzy. Will you please explain how you spend a typical day where you are? I typically have communion with God first thing. Then I will meditate on new understandings so my experience here in Nirvana expresses Gods desire for my enlightenment. Sometimes I will visit friends and sometimes I will desire time alone. My position of grand educator allows me flexibility with my schedule. I still live in the heaven I told you about earlier. I like the memories of that time. I give my heart energy to new arrivals. I assist souls who expressed a suicidal ending to their Earth life. I present their findings of unworthiness to a council & then I am given a plan to assist the soul. I learn so much and give my energy a new love of life.
August 27, 2010
My Father's New Project
Hi Dad. Hi Suzy. Give me a minute to tell you about my new project. Please do! My new project is to help open the hearts of people who pass too soon. I am with them while they adjust to heaven's frequency. Opening hearts is my purpose now. I let too many times go by without seeing my purpose in life. I know now how to keep on track with Gods plan. Now I live in the moment of now and create love so that I can present my standing to the Council of High Angels. This is very exciting for me! That is wonderful dad! Can you tell me more about the Council of High Angels? Yes, it is an order of Gods angels that worship pure love & send that energy out to all inhabitants of all universes. Do you still work with TAUK? Yes, TAUK is my passion & I am connected to the energy of you and all who TAUK on both sides of the veil. I'm like an orange- lots of sections all connected to the core. Great job, dad & nice visual, thank you.