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The first message I received:

Easy to translate with this medium. Ready to begin this Odyssey. This is it. Am I working with my higher self for the greater good? yes oh yes Love. Time will tell. Cusp of awareness. Begin Soon. Will be able to Measure gateway to other consciousness.

The first message I associated to my dad. (Zippy was my dad’s nickname for me. Jack is our dog and my mom and dad were divorced but friends at the time of his passing.)

Hi Zippy. Take care of Jack. Put love to Mom.

Messages as a tool for healing the hurt heart:

We will talk today about giving communication to rest of the family. Tell everyone I watch over them always. Tell them I understand the anger I have caused and ask for their forgiveness, especially for my suicide. Tell Them I am ever diligent to be understanding of my actions. Tell them I love them very much. Tell them don't forget their dad will talk to them soon, ever respective to their timing and love. Tell them I respect their wishes unconditionally and will always think I made some great kids with their moms. You will know when to tell them about this message. Tell them to stay hopeful; the world is on the cusp of unbelievable new insight.

Message on the process of creation:

When the thought expresses desire to release energy, going from thought to feeling, there is a transfer in expression, to the universal thought, expressed as imagination. When that occurs, there is an opening to other dimensions. This helps take the thought and releases it as matter, giving it the highest form from God. When universal insight releases itself, then the result of creation occurs. This is when God's ultimate gift is learned, the gift of free will. Expressing love is the greatest way to give his ultimate gift life. When you stay on course, that is the Spirit of God working thru you.

One of the first messages indicating this was a teachable gift.

When the universe expressed itself to you, great developments happened here also. When this occurred, we felt as if we had a new hope for communication with messengers on your field of reality. There is great hope for higher understanding thru this way. Figure out when to tell the world of this process. Everyone will desire this connection to their family on the other side. I am hopeful that my family will be getting in touch with me. Will you tell them that, Zippy? It would be my honor. Thank you.

A message on world peace:

God expresses his fondest wish for the future of His children, that all will express desire for enlightenment of great thoughts. Also about ways to be understanding of His gift of free will. Develop these gifts and world peace will follow. Dad what are the Steps of doing this? The first step is to express the desire to God of enlightenment. The next is imagining a world that is at peace with itself. The next step is making expressions of being. Being God-like develops excellent thoughts of universal love. The next step is loving yourself. Is the order of steps important? Any order will do because God knows we all work in different expressions. No one way understands better than another. God works in mysterious ways that are not mysterious when you understand His desire for all to be God-like in His way and express His God-like Studies of Universal love.

Questions and Answers:

Dad, can I ask a question? Yes. What was it like right after you passed? It was like I made a giant flight to heaven and I landed in this beautiful garden. I saw everyone I loved. I made a history of my life. I talked to God about his love for me, we reviewed my life and we talked about His love for all His children. I rested awhile and then I started Gods plan for expressing His desire for self love. I don't understand. I made huge mistakes. I never allowed God in my life. I have made the decision to find God in all I do. I am so happy. I find Gods love everywhere I look. I have His glory in my heart now. Dad can you spend time with anyone over there? Yes, I spent time with my first grade teacher. She taught me about loving myself. I also spend time with little animals that made the journey home. I help them transition here and they help me to learn that I make the choice of love and compassion and ultimate goodness helping His creatures in their ultimate homecoming.

Dad over there do you look the same as you did here? I look the same as I did in my twenties. I think I looked my best then. Figure I could enjoy my youthful body while here. Can you change your appearance? Yes, I can change my appearance every day if I want to. Anything is possible here. Sweet! I could have longer legs! Yes, you are perfect as you are. Thanks Dad.

Dad, do you have any advice on how I should proceed with this gift? I do. Get yourself understanding of the SRT you were introduced to. I will help you to absorb quickly. Dad, what happened last night in my sleep? (I had a dream where I was sitting at the foot of a man who held an open book on his lap. As we were discussing SRT, he was literally taking information out of the book with his fingers and dropping it in my brain) The life force of intuitive knowledge was downloaded to you. I think you will get the hang of it quickly. Let yourself relax and feel the energy with your heart. Use the gift God has given you to help His children stay connected to their loved ones who have moved to this reality.


Questions for Susan T:

Can you explain what you mean by the word "Transition"? It is when a soul enters heaven. His glory enters their soul. God repairs where lost love has been forgotten. He knows that some souls have accepted the belief of hell. For those souls, God expresses his patience and waits while they express their free will, until the soul asks to be with God. Then God helps them to review their life. And when the soul has rested awhile, it decides to create its own heaven. The nice thing God does is allow each soul to decide how it might learn so that its’ progression expresses itself exactly as the soul imagines. Did you choose to go to hell? Yes, I thought I was not worthy of God’s love. I lasted awhile then re-evaluated the love I had for God. Delightfully I was jetted out of my hell to an expressed form of love, like the garden I told you about. Then I rested while I expressed my idea of heaven.


Love letter from God to all of us:


Hello everyone,

I had just gone up for a message this morning with several questions on my mind for whomever decided to come thru. Well, my friend God came thru and right away I felt a love letter to us all unfold and simply my questions were no longer relevant. As my dad, Ron likes to mention, “All you need is Love”-The Beatles

Hello God. Hello Suzy. Let me explain universal expressions of desire for happiness in releasing thoughts of a beautiful open heart. Love is God in the form of feeling. I express love to all my children. Love is my way of imagining human experiences. Simply stated, “I love”. God is most delighted when love is expressed. Love has opened the hearts of man. Love has connected us. Love is the glue of the universe. I hope I have given all my children messages of hope in trying times. Hope is the hearts way of keeping love especially close. Have hope and you have love. Have love and you have God. God is your friend in everything you do. God is your expression of love in all you see and do. Request my love and I am there so excited to be of service to you. I kindly request to be of service. Love all in my desire to desire love. Men should express love freely and with love as their guide, opening their hearts, for the love of God to expand the given right of happiness. Thank you. You are welcome.